Irtysh Grand Canyon
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      t is the main scenic spot of Keketuohai, splendid Irtysh rises from the deep gorge and goes to west. It is 70km long with greenwaves and springs, along the river, campanulate, quaquaversal and coniform continuous gratines mountains towering there. Feilai Peak, Camel Peak, Xiangbi Peak and Shenying Peak and many other pictographic rockscapes "One mountain shapes one world",boasing 108 peaks. The most quintessential one is the Amir Sarah with relative altitude difference 365m, it stays there alone and keeps steep. There are dense primeval forests, including pines, poplars and birches, the rate of coverage reaches up to more than 80%. Streams and valleys cross here, such as ShuiMoGou, Golden Triangle, Waterfall Valleys and Wild Grape Valleys. Here is full of flowery and mountains, water, trees, stones and people. Stand here, you will feel like that you are in a fairyland.