The introduction of KeKeTuoHai
  Keketuohai is located in the south of Altay Mountains and the source of Irtysh River. As the cold air flows from the nick of river valley in Irtysh, there is much rain and snow with the dense forest and luxuriant prairie. There are 260,000 hectare forest with 22.44% of forest acreage and 10,530,000 hectare of prairie, which is the huge"wild desert and wet island" of arid region in northwest. Keketuohai is "there are miles and miles of land locked in ice with snow whirling in the sky" in winter, which presents the magnificent scene with "the immense forest and snowfield"; in summer, the climate is nice and cool, with multiple ranges of green frost and the mountain steppe of intellectual and artistic efflorescence, which is different from other sceneries. In autumn, groovy colors combined with Siberian cedar, Siberian fir, Siberian spruce, Siberian larch and betula pendula contribute even more beauty to Keketuohai.
  With the characteristics of large granite pegmatite rare metals and the granite being rich in relic of great earthquake and the metamorphic granite of Irtysh River, a mass of valuable geologic relic and feature are in Keketuohai, with many unique reputations in the world. There are 8 beryl producing areas, the world's unique ultra large rare metallic ore named "No.3 Mine Crater" and more than 84 rare metal mineral elements, which is one of the largest and representative granite pegmatite rocks with rare metals known in the world.
  For thousand years, Keketuohai is famous for its abundant resources, beautiful mountain scenery, the long history, the legendary pastureland culture and primitive human culture etc.